#8 Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba, Zimbabwe Presidential Candidate “A currency crisis is a nation in crisis”


To explore what a nation looks like with a manipulated currency policy and the net effects of monetary controls gone bad, Michael & Jonathan are joined by Dr. Maxwell Zeb Shumba, Zimbabwean Presidential Candidate for the ZIMFIRST Party. Also joined by members of the ZIMFIRST Party advisory team Walter Michael Scharf and Danny Muchirahondo.

Zimbabwe’s challenges have continued with the post Mugabe regime carrying forward the economic policies that have kept the nation from progressing. Max and his team discuss the intrinsic challenges of the monetary policy manipulations that resulted in astronomical inflation, as well as their belief in a future digital currency model backed by the natural resource assets of the nation.

At present, the current administration exploits the natural resources for personal gain, for example, secretly dealing with the Chinese government to sell lithium and other element resources.

Also discussed, how the policies reversed Zimbabwe’s successful agricultural industry from being a net food exporter to an importer after famine resulted from the destruction of the farms.

ZIMFIRST Party believes agriculture to be an integration point for implementing a new, digital currency system that allows the people of Zimbabwe to share in the profits of the natural resources.


ZIMFIRST is a democratic non-violent Zimbabwean Party that embraces all Citizens of Zimbabwe. It does not discriminate along race, tribal or gender lines. ZIMFIRST stands for Zimbabwe First, which means the wishes of the people come first.

ZIMFIRST was formulated in response to current toxic political situation in Zimbabwe borne as a result of rampant corruption, lack of rule of law, financial meltdown, and lack of basic human rights and needs. ZIMFIRST is inclusive of the old for their wisdom, the young for their vision and combined a true new vision for Zimbabwe.

Learn more at http://zimfirst.org/

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