#21 Chris Sullivan & Haim Bodek, Principals at Hyperion Decimus in “Can We Decentralize Money Itself?”


Jonathan & Michael are joined by Chris Sullivan and Haim Bodek of Hyperion Decimus for a deep dive discussion into high-frequency trading, cryptocurrencies vs. central bank digital currencies, market structures and how assets will intersect with the emerging technology frameworks. Chris and Haim have deep experience in capital market trading and now apply in their work in the digital asset space as the leading digital asset fund in the market today.


Hyperion Decimus

Hyperion Decimus, LLC is a Digital Asset advisory company that approaches investing in the cryptocurrency space from a perspective of market structure and liquidity arbitrage. By taking a disciplined, tech driven, multi-strategy approach to the cryptocurrency universe, Hyperion Decimus, LLC seeks to generate alpha over short and long term time horizons. HDCX, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyperion Decimus, LLC, provides execution services in the cryptocurrency space.

LEARN MORE AT: https://www.hyperiondecimus.com/


Chris Sullivan

Mr. Sullivan is the Portfolio Manager of Hyperion Decimus. Since 2007, Mr. Sullivan has been in the securities industry with a background in algorithmic portfolio construction,  risk management,equity,futures, investment banking and derivatives trading.  Mr. Sullivan holds Series 3, 4, 7, 24, 30, 31, 66, 215, (AWMA) and (CRPC) securities licenses, and is an active Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Mr. Sullivan is also a co-founder and principal of Hyperion Wealth Management,  a non-affiliated, Florida-based Registered Investment Advisor. Mr. Sullivan has  a B.A. from Emory University in History and English with a minor in Music  and Micro-Economics, and has completed a Blockchain Technologies course  at MIT Sloan.


Haim Bodek

Mr. Bodek is the Strategy Director and Co-Portfolio Manager of Hyperion Decimus. Since 1996, Mr. Bodek has been in the securities industry with a background in high frequency trading, electronic trading, derivatives markets, and market structure. Mr. Bodek previously worked as VP of Hull Trading (acquired by Goldman Sachs 2007), Managing Director UBS, Joint Global Head of Electronic Volatility Trading, CEO of Trading Machines (Options HFT), and is also a well-known whistleblower in the exposure of “undocumented order types”. Mr. Bodek formerly held the series 3, 4, 7, 24, 55, 63, and 65. Mr. Bodek has a BA in Mathematics and Cognitive Science from the University of Rochester.

Mr. Bodek’s career, experiences, and advocacy for regulatory reform of securities markets are described extensively in Dark Pools by Scott Patterson, a freelance writer and staff reporter for The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Bodek is also the author of two books on market structure, The Problem of HFT and The Market Structure Crisis, as well as the subject of the documentary film The Wall Street Code directed by Marije Meerman.

Mr. Bodek’s contributions have influenced the ongoing public policy debate and the rapidly changing landscape for regulatory, enforcement, and litigation issues.



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