#10 Oscar calleja ruiz, Global Director External Channels & Digital Transformation Santander Bank “The EU banking response to crisis”


Oscar calleja ruiz joins Michael & Jonathan from Madrid for this episode. Oscar is the Global Director of External Channels and led the Global Digital Transformation effort for Santander Bank. Topics covered include:

  • The history of the 2008 Spanish Great depression, housing bubble, the European economy
  • EU central banking reactions to the Covid-19 crisis
  • End to issuances of bond offering via blockchain technology
  • Has digital transformation given international banks more efficiency and a huge competitive edge over US banks?
  • Banks leveraging digital to provide superior services to end clients
  • Central bank digital currencies in the EU and resetting the flaws in existing member nation currency policies
  • International monetary fund SDRs and EU member nations, whether the World Bank have a role to play

Another great episode with an international perspective.

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